Concrete & Brick Cleaning

Whether it’s your business sidewalk, driveway, paver patio, or residential basement stairwell, let our expert technicians restore your surfaces. Concrete and brick washing is valued because of the immediate improvement in curb appeal. Clean concrete and brick are impressive and it says that you care about your property.

Concrete is one surface around your home that is prone to collect dirt and grime, oil, grease, rust and other ugly stains. All the “yuck” will make your home’s driveway, patio, or sidewalk look dingy and run-down. Some stains can even make those surfaces slippery and unsafe for you to walk on.

Using professional grade equipment and the correct cleaning solutions, we can remove them all.

Though gentle, our system is efficient and as quick as possible. We’ll do everything that we can to minimize disruption to your daily routine.

Before & After Photos · Concrete Cleaning and Washing

Brick Power, Pressure, Soft Wash & Cleaning

Brick pavers can be quickly overtaken by dirt, grime, moss, mildew, weeds, bird droppings and bacteria. Left to collect over time, these are not only unattractive but unsanitary and destructive to the structures.

Before & After Photos · Brick Pavers Cleaning and Washing

Before & After · Concrete Patio

After our concrete cleaning service, you’ll have a driveway that is spotless and safe. You’ll have a sidewalk that is welcoming and clean-cut. Every element of your property will deliver curb appeal – from the second that you pull up to your house.

Mid-South Wash Pros achieves a great first impression for your property and a safe space to call home. We’re proud to make every aspect of your space shine.

Invest in the power of clean and get started with your free estimate.

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