Fence, Deck & Wood Cleaning

Regular fence cleaning and sealing will keep your fence sturdy, free of algae and mold, and looking good. Keeping a fence clean and sealed will not only save you time and money down the road, but it can also save a few trees. Before you seal a fence, however, it is important to prepare properly with a thorough fence cleaning.

Any home with a deck, porch, or fence features an instant bonus. Your property has something special… And it should be enjoyed! Mid-South Wash Pros offers deck & fence cleaning services that protect the beauty and condition of your home’s standout “extras.”Cleaning will not only enhance your curb appeal but make your investment last much longer. Your outdoor areas will be an enjoyable  place to spend relaxing time!

How We Wash Wood Fences & Decks

Through the use of our professional equipment and safe cleaning techniques, we will change that lackluster, dirty, graying wood into the gorgeous feature that it was designed to be. Leave your fence, deck, railings, walkways, and trim work in our expert hands.

Once Mid-South Wash Pros has finished our deck & fence cleaning solution, customers can always anticipate that their space will look great, last longer, and resist long-term wear and tear. Your property will look better as a whole… And you’ll be able to enjoy those top quality “bonus elements” for longer.

Decks should be a place to sit back and relax. Fences should be welcoming and curb appeal friendly. Porches should be safe and beautiful. With Mid-South Wash Pros, you’ll always get a quality, appealing property – As it should be!

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