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Do you know that the roofing of your home is exposed to dirt, algae, and moss? Are you in doubt of whether you can get your roof cleaned without actually causing damage to it?

Mid-South Wash Pros is here to take that task off your plan! We are the top-most roof cleaning choice servicing the Nashville TN area. Our roof cleaning service is committed to eradicating those damage-causing agents from your roofs to make it look like new and restore the value of your property.

How Our Roof Cleaning Works

Your roof is powerful. It keeps you safe, warm, and dry, and it does the same for your entire home. But this powerful part of your property requires a gentle touch.

Mid-South Wash Pros always uses soft washing to restore the quality of your roofing. It’s the safest way to remove mold, dirt, bird droppings, mildew, and more from each and every shingle – without posing a threat to the quality of your home.

Combining effective cleaning solutions with a detail-oriented soft washing method, our team will restore your roof to just like new. We do a special detergent soft wash with little or no walking on your roof. Our special sprayer can even be used as needed from ground-level. Do NOT let a pressure washer walk heavily on your roof! We are committed to causing no damage and will be on your roof only as absolutely necessary.

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Answer: Once speaking with you about your project, many times we can give you a quote directly over the phone or at minimum schedule a time to meet you at your home business asap.

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